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After a long break I'm returning back to the freelancing scene, I've been in the RO private servers scene since 2012, with over 9 years of programming experience and 6 years of software development choosing me will ensure you would be getting an excellent quality of code/changes.


Status: Available


What do i work on?

  • Core Development (Source, C)
  • Scripting and database editing
  • Database Management
  • System Administration (Linux only)
  • I can also work on applications written in PHP, Node.js, Python, C++.



  • Hercules source editing starting from 10$ per request.
  • Hercules scripting starting from 10$ per request.
  • Hercules database editing from 5$ per request.
  • Any other requests pricing would be calculated with 8$ per hour of work.
  • For rush requests you will be charged a flat fee of 8USD per hour of work, a detailed bill of how many hours will be spent, the final sum and expected delivery date will be given before payment for any rush requests, and all rush requests are prepaid and can never be post paid.


Contact methods

  • Discord: Ema#8360


Payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Crypto (BTC/Ether only)
  • Western Union/Money Gram
  • Bank Wire


Terms of Service

  • With every requests you get a guaranteed Hercules compatibility for 1 year, In-case any of Hercules update during this period breaks my code you will be given an update upon request free of charge.
  • After first year of the guaranteed compatibility period you will be charged a small fee for any updates, very simple updated may be still done for free and it's up to my judgement.
  • In-case of paying with any other services than Crypto currency you're sole responsible of any fees the used service asks for, and that the net amount is at least equivalent to what i asked for.
  • For medium/large projects a 50% deposit shall be paid, and it's nonrefundable as soon as i start working on it, rest being paid after project is done and delivered.


Pre-made (Coming soon)

  • Client web settings saving/emblem/adventurer agency support (Soon)

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