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hello good afternoon everyone I would like someone to help me because I'm new in this area of creating ragnarok I have this npc there I need to put more buffs in there but I don't know where to look for these codes that are inside the agi bençao imposito script would you have a specific site that shows this I also need this npc to show a delay time of 20s I also need to remove from the emulator that name that appears on the roulette I went to see the part of diffaring the hexed I tried to disable it and it does not work where there is hide roulette it does not work and just 1 more thing that cash shop that is on the ragnarok screen pasted close from that little map how do I activate it thanks for your attention


prontera,159,185,4    script    BuffVIP    435,{
if (getgroupid()<1) goto naovip;
skilleffect 8,0; sc_start SC_ENDURE,360000,10;
skilleffect 33,0; sc_start SC_ANGELUS,360000,10;
skilleffect 74,0; sc_start SC_MAGNIFICAT,360000,5;
skilleffect 75,0; sc_start SC_GLORIA,360000,5;
skilleffect 66,0; sc_start SC_IMPOSITIO,360000,5;
skilleffect 34,0; sc_start SC_BLESSING,360000,10;
skilleffect 29,0; sc_start SC_INCREASEAGI,360000,10;
percentheal 100,100;

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