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Paid Services Rules


Paid Services Rules


New topics in the Paid Services section are invisible until approved by an administrator.

  • Solicitation of any kind outside of the Employment section is prohibited; this restriction is including, but not limited to, profiles, signatures, and avatars.
  • If a member does not have an approved advertisement in the Paid Services section, he/she may not have ads in their signatures or make any posts in the forums about their services.
  • The Paid Services section is for advertising your Paid Services only.
  • Do not advertise your personal (Ragnarok Online) server.
  • It's OK to link to other servers if you are using them as work references (designs/works you created, features you created, etc). Does not apply to source coding services; please just post code snippets.
  • All serious Paid Services must use HTTPS on sensitive parts of their website (personal information, billing information, checkouts, etc.).
    • Serious Paid Services with HTTPS includes: services such as Domain Registrations, VPS selling, hosting (VPS, Web), etc.
  • All hosting providers must have a website where users can easily order services from you. If you are offering scripting/source modifications or graphics/website services, a website is optional.
  • You are not allowed to offer illegal software installation (IPBoard, etc.) within your services.

    • This goes for Server Hosting services that have nulled WHMCS.
  • Services that are offering Reviews / Votes for private servers in exchange for payment is not acceptable.

  • Topic owners must provide replies upon feedback or inquiries in-regards to their service within a reasonable amount of time (no longer than 120 hours).

  • Products of any sort (i.e. any service, server protection packages, server setup packages, etc.) must have prices. All prices must be exposed to the public; no hidden fees.


What types of services are allowed?

  • Server Hosting (VPS, webhosting)
  • Scripting/Source Modification Services
  • Graphics Services (maps, sprites, web design, etc.)
  • Website Coding Services
  • Client-Side Modifications


Last updated: June 4th 2017

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