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  2. This hexed 20071009 is very good, too bad it seems impossible to add costs to it, for a reason I don't know why it doesn't work
  3. Hello, I'm looking to run a server with a couple friends and would like an episode 8 setup (right before rebirth jobs). Does anyone have these databases setup for episode 8 they could send me? Thanks.
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  6. pwde mg download ka lng ng ragnarok na gsto mo kunan tpos gumamit ka ng GRF Editor
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  8. reserving this post for showcases*
  9. My guess would be that your lua files are not compatible with your client version. OR those skills have invalid settings in the lua file. The error basically says that "AttackRange" is not set for this skill. Which may be because it is missing or because it was not properly registered by the lua functions.
  10. If I understood right, you want to put the emperium in the middle of the area and spawn barricade monsters in the black line. And while the barricade is still up, no one can go through the cell? I think you can follow how official servers does it (more or less), spawn barricade mosnters + set the cells to not walkable, when the barricade monster is killed, you trigger an event and change the cell to walkable. check out setcell script command
  11. Large amount of material Please add if needed Discord myglcj#8667
  12. Is there any tutorial on how to disable the AHK click blocker? Sorry I'm new to this creating my own ragnarok offline server.
  13. Hello, I am currently facing an issue with the skill tree for third-class characters, specifically the Royal Guard. When attempting to activate certain skills, I encounter an error message, and there is also a lack of skill descriptions for these particular skills. I've tried troubleshooting on my own and attempted to modify the files skillinfolist.lub and skilldescript.lub in the GRF, but unfortunately, the issue persists. This error is causing significant inconvenience, and I am reaching out for assistance. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve this matter, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Best regards,
  14. I play the 4th class client but I can,t use any skill of Night Watch class. Is there any solution for that. Thanks for your hardwork
  15. kukuk

    Custom Item Sprite atbp.

    Tanong ko lang po kung pwede po ba kumuha ng mga sprite ng costumes/items sa ibang server/sites at kung pwede po meron po ba kayo alam kung saan nakakakuha?
  16. @Skylomanco what do you mean by functional website for herc ?
  17. vykimo seems to be away for a while.. i too tried to contact him.. but no success.. still waiting for his return..
  18. I'm curious if this project still available?
  19. Anyone ever figure this out? im triyng to do the same
  20. Someone have a functional website for herc?
  21. Interesting. So the very same version did not work by itself, but did as part of the full client package. Please also check, if there isn't a hung (running but no window) instance in Task Manager. During start it checks whether it needs elevate before starting, so depending on the contents of the folder this check may take longer or get stuck for some reason. That would also explain, why no crash has been logged in event log.
  22. Hi Ai4rei I downloaded the full client from rAthena that Akkarin posted over there that I noticed includes your patcher and that works, the patcher opens and works. I notice that it comes with only 4.1.6 so I'll try updating it and see if I have the same issue. Thanks for your attention.
  23. Correct, version listed as latest on your website. Using 64-bit Tried that version in 32-bit, same issue. Grabbed and in both x32 and x64 varieties and still same issue. When you double click on the exe to run it flashes the file explorer window but nothing else happens. No error, no window, nothing. Also have disabled both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender real time protection, no change.
  24. Assuming version 4.2.1, 64-bit, is that right? Can you try, if: it crashes with the other platform build? (i.e. if you use 64-bit, try 32-bit and vice versa) it crashes with recent older versions as well. Thank you.
  25. Hi Ai4rei, this immediately crashes on Windows 11. I do not find a log or event viewer entry for the issue. I do have Win 11 Pro that is joined to a domain, if that matters. Plenty of RAM available, and decent CPU. Plenty of Hard drive space on an NVMe. I tried running in compatibility mode for Windows 8 and 7, run as administrator and not. I am running the patcher straight from my kRO base files folder, which I downloaded from the pinned topic by Ridley in this forum. I have a patchRE.inf with the following content: รณ Any ideas?
  26. Hello. I had those errors and warnings when compiling, but I corrected them and now it compiles without problems. I leave the file in case it helps someone. P.D. In ExtendedBG-char.c just change all this lines: mapif->send(fd, buf, offset); To this: mapif->send(buf, offset); Regards. ExtendedBG.c
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