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  2. Are you under attack? Looking Proxy Server? for your Ran, Ragnarok, Flyff, MU, RF Game with Anti DDOS, Hide your main IP, Contact us : https://bit.ly/3QX0vcV
  3. its for my Armory script. you may visit classicro.net . you can create new account and . 1. free 99/70 trans class 2. free complete armor with cards only 1 per account.
  4. Can i ask what is the purpose of this script just card menu or quest for something? @[email protected]
  5. Yesterday
  6. Brilliantly done @Cretino it solves the problem. Thank you very2x much.
  7. but you can spawn different monster same label you dont need 100 OnMyMobDead if you want to spawn 100 different mob for next issue use this script command to get [email protected] and [email protected] for monster *getmapxy("<variable for map name>", <variable for x>, <variable for y>, <type>{, "<search parameter>"}) This function will locate a character object, NPC object or pet's coordinates and place their coordinates into the variables specified when calling it. It will return 0 if the search was successful, and -1 if the parameters given were not variables or the search was not successful. Type is the type of object to search for: UNITTYPE_PC - Character object UNITTYPE_NPC - NPC object UNITTYPE_PET - Pet object UNITTYPE_MOB - Monster object UNITTYPE_HOM - Homunculus object UNITTYPE_MER - Mercenary object UNITTYPE_ELEM - Elemental object
  8. Last week
  9. Hello All, I have Charge Arrow Scroll, which calls skill "Charge Arrow". It costs 12 SP to use this scroll. The questions is: Is there any way to consume SP only after successfully use of this scroll? Currently it consumes SP immediately after using the scroll, even if the skill was not used or failed. Highly appreciate your help.
  10. i'm having the same issue :[ really want to donate to this project.
  11. Hello IndieRO, Thanks for your reply, but I am now creating PVP zones, where monsters (including mini-mvp) also spawns. I am trying to do so, if the player kills the mob, another player (if nearby) can pick up the drops without any delay, BUT it must not be applied to all the server maps, but only for my special PVP maps, where I use "Loadevent" mapflag, as example. Yes, thank you again, I think, it will also work, but it will consume many hours to make these script drops for more than 100+ mobs. BTW, if I use "makeitem" with OnMyMobDead label, how can I find the coordinates of dead mob? Previosly i've tried it, the item was created near the player, not the monster.
  12. what goal do you want maybe you can change drop mob via script command use this *makeitem(<item id>, <amount>, "<map name>", <x>, <y> {,<showdropeffect>}) *makeitem("<item name>", <amount>, "<map name>", <x>, <y>) This command will create an item lying around on a specified map in the specified location. item id/name - Found in 'db/(pre-)re/item_db.conf' amount - Amount you want produced map name - The map name y - The x coordinate y - The y coordinate. showdropeffect - enable pillar effect on the dropped item (default: 0)
  13. Job available: - Update this plugin partybuff: https://github.com/SamuelHercules/plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/partybuff.c Please message me on discord : MRGA#4252
  14. prontera,125,93,5 script test_girl 1_F_MARIA,{ mes "[List Card]"; mes "Please select from "+getarraysize(.cards)+" cards"; [email protected] = select(.menu$) -1; mes "You selected: "+getitemname(.cards[[email protected]]); close; OnInit: setarray .cards, 4244,4253,4252,4245,4032,4062,4248,4249,4043,4013,4018,4234,4344,4160,4243,4138,4242,4094,4240,4114,4075,4347,4246,4247,4233,4129,4119,4356,4074,4215,4327,4320,4214,4212,4213,4229,4063,4288,4290,4289,4284,4285,4009,4202,4299,4041,4015,4293,4235,4061,4153,4296,4040,4298,4297,4272,4170,4171,4133,4279,4173,4023,4082,4125,4122,4182,4181,4098,4178,4069,4180,4004,4177,4176,4056,4070,4251,4052,4360,4349,4262,4141,4267,4002,4316,4020,4080,4158,4319,4088,4312,4151,4152,4149,4323,4280,4110,4271,4270,4278,4087,4165,4150,4157,4060,4155,4072,4161,4283,4355,4162,4164,4325,4362,4331,4322,4345,4081,4045,4019,4103,4115,4035,4328,4321,4231,4269,4268,4239,4116,4109,4139,4065,4287,4286,4366,4351,4136,4301,4307,4140,4292,4091,4291,4295,4027,4184,4195,4188,4265,4217,4191,4193,4006,4364,4076,4201,4030,4079,4105,4112,4196,4055,4084,4113,4095,4046,4097,4124,4200,4067,4199,4341,4057,4205,4339,4204,4126,4208,4317,4343,4036,4106,4090,4108,4206,4167,4127,4166,4159,4334,4093,4338,4256,4255,4085,4066,4071,4237,4310,4309,4099,4031,4007,4314,4311,4315,4120,4118,4077,4329,4011,4008,4073,4335,4024,4048,4175,4033,4337,4005,4001,4313,4003,4294,4083,4186,4350,4187,4353,4104,4154,4185,4021,4014,4192,4194,4219,4101,4216,4017,4078,4068,4326,4358,4368,4273,4230,4117,4222,4092,4025,4221,4228,4044,4037,4100,4059,4086,4220,4022,4227,4039,4223,4156,4042,4224,4226,4225,4111,4218,4089,4304,4028,4340,4282,4058,4172,4016,4012,4026,4050,4308,4336,4049,4333,4107,4209,4053,4211,4210,4332,4348,4303,4102,4258,4232,4257,4010,4264,4029,4259,4261,4260,4034,4190,4189,4346,4051,4096,4064,4277,4281,4038,4274,4275; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.cards); [email protected]) .menu$ += "^FF0000[ "+( [email protected]+1 )+". ]^0000FF "+getitemname(.cards[[email protected]]) +":"; end; } Is it possible to make pagination on these menu? as you can see I have more than 300 entries and wanted to add those to menu.
  15. Available again for new clients Here's my updated portfolio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFskbHwWVLq_IsmzdoHoqQ/videos Discord: Frosch#9121
  16. Earlier
  17. Hi you still open message you in this are if you can also post discord where i can message you that would be great
  18. Hola! Andas activo por el foro? Si es asi te quisiera consultar algunas cosas ya que estoy pensando en volver a hostear con mis amigos un privado y contrate un vps
  19. I believe that you can customize your own whmcs? and as far as I know there are no issue with this, its the service that our clients are availing not the whmcs, as in my own understand I dont remember any of my clients having any issue or problem with our whmcs, can I ask do you have any issue with our whmcs? thats why you are arising this issue? as I see if you have any issue with us just message us using you own account not a dummy and posting it here, its a pathetic thing to discuss such issue with a dummy account here? feel free to message us if you are really having problem with our whmcs thank you and hope to talk to you soon
  20. Why are you using nulled and rebranded whmcs? why don't you pay monthly because you make money using their system? https://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php/verifydomain.php
  21. Hello All, I'm wondering, if anyone has a solution, how to disable (set to 0) the time during which only the person who did the most damage to a monster can get the item for specific maps. In "drops.conf" I have "item_first_get_time: 3000", but I need to set it to 0 only for maps with mapflag "loadevent". I have the following script, but not sure to where I could set it in right way to make it works, if it is even possible. Thank you in advance. ­čÖĆ
  22. Good day! May I know how to? Traps or arrow shower. e.g. Land mine and arrow shower destroys the trap. It should stack ideally or just push the trap in that direction. Thank you!
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