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Join our community at #Hercules over irc.rizon.net
To join using your web browser, click here.


Other channels include:


If you wish to request support through IRC, please note:

  • Don't join and say something like "hello?" or "is anyone here?" or "can anyone help me with x?" or "does anyone know about x?".

    Everyone on IRC is there voluntarily, and users generally leave chat rooms open for long periods of time and return periodically to check for unanswered questions. Asking "hello?!" is demanding the attention of everyone in the channel. Worse yet, you haven't asked any question that can be answered!

    A better approach is to just join and ask your question. If someone knows the answer, they'll help you. If not, be patient. Regular users of IRC generally like helping others. Being friendly and respectful means you're likely to have a positive interaction.

  • Don't disconnect or close your client. Unlike most messaging services, you must be connected to receive replies. This means you can't just ask a question and then leave to come back later. Users will be completely unable to communicate with you as long as you are disconnected and you will not see the messages when you log back in.

    You must keep your IRC client connected at all times if you wish to get a reply.

  • Do be specific about your problem. Don't ask "my code isn't working, what's wrong?" without providing any details.
    You're more likely to get a helpful response if you explain your problem up front instead of waiting for someone to ask for more details.

  • Don't flood the channel. This may seem obvious, but it means things like don't post large blocks of code to the channel. Try to keep your questions to one or two paragraphs at most. It's a public space, and messages are generally no longer than a few sentences.

    If you wish to send your code or some misc data please use a pastebin service, for instance:

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