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    Http support in hercules (funding)

    Some progress update. Complete things: Add support for gif guild emblems. Add support for emblems bigger than 64k bytes. Add shared configs support between login/char/map/api. Add configuration with default emotes for new chars.
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    Http support in hercules (funding)

    For long time i worked on incomplete yet project for add http support into hercules. And this is funding page for this project. What parts this project contains already: new server with http support (named api-server). missing packets for guild emblems. http guild emblems (bmp). hotkeys. emotes. adventurer agency (without search). basic plugins support for all this. basic plugins support for custom urls. extend plugins support for inter server packets. add support for api to login, char, map packets. protection against different attacks on servers. sample http plugin. Add support for gif guild emblems. Add support for emblems bigger than 64k bytes. Add shared configs support between login/char/map/api. Add configuration with default emotes for new chars. What need to add adventurer agency search. extend service urls support. add support for browsers and web panels api for control servers. twitter like messages support for old clients. support for vending shops load/save. other different small things. Sadly i working on this project for small amount of time. And for improve work on this project here is funding page. Donations accepted in crypto: From card/gpay: Same wallets numbers can be get from this page: http://nemo.herc.ws/donate/
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    Hey, this is one way to do it.
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    [Showcase] ElariaRO Patcher

    Just wanted to share our patcher design with you What do you think? FB button is "pressed down" version. Also all other buttons will have a hover aswell.
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    Hello! This is my patcher design for my upcoming server this May. Please rate ^^
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    Updating the item_db, a first step

    I would like to update the Hercules item database and fill it with more items. In addition, I had started dealing with the Devibe Pride database and its API in the past few days. I came across a Python script that is apparently used by rAthena to fill its DB. However, as you may know, rAthena uses the yaml format. Now I looking for a supporter who can help me rewrite the Python script so that it outputs a json format that Hercules can read. https://github.com/latiosu/dp2rathena I am aware that the Devine Pride database is neither complete nor 100% correct. However, individual information about the item can be corrected more quickly than having to type in all the items by hand.
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    Http support in hercules (funding)

    it adding missing features to emulator yes, this is like rathena. but it works different, this mean not like rathena. rathena server very basic and it cant do anything except some http handlers. alternative rathena server integrated to probably map server, this is not the best solution too.
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    *npctalk but only on one player

    unittalk(getnpcid(0), "your message", true, SELF, playerattached()); see doc/script_commands.txt for documentation
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    *cloakonnpc but on monsters

    I think you're talking about https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/3138
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    NPC Sell Items with Refine & Card

    see expanded barter shops and see help for script command sellitemcurrency: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/doc/script_commands.txt#L10450 some examples here: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/npc/custom/expandedbartershop.txt this is for refine. cards look like not allowed
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    kRO 4th Class Sprites

    Version 1.0.0


    kRO Oficial 4th Class Sprites Includes all 4th job sprites + each class mount.
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    try run run copy of your server in vps as test server. on test server try remove plugins and custom changes. if it works fine, try slowly add your changes. or issue can be in one of config or db files. for check this try build for test server completly clean hercules version and check is issue present or not.
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    Smooth Shadow

    Version 2.0


    SmoothShadow By raPalooza Version 2.0 - This new version of SmoothShadow I tried to recreate the smooth shadow seen in Tree of Savior, so I used the .tga format to draw the shadow of monster and characters. The result I got was amazing, it gave ragnarok a fresh look! Try it out! ps;not sure if with huge mob density the client suffers.
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    Version 1.2


    Hello community, this is the new strongman hair with 3 new colors, it is an official release by ragnarok gravity.
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    This is just an Aura Compilation that I made from the many aura's ive collected over the many years from older projects. IDK who the origional author's are for all of these but if one of you would like to go through them and possibly send me a pm so I can give credit where do I'd be more than happy to change this post.
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    @garbage patch

    Version 1.0


    @garbage commands for hercules
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