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    Thank you for your interest in being a part of Hercules' Forum and Development Team! We are a team of volunteers dedicating our free time for this project and we highly appreciate that you're interested in doing the same.

    The Hercules project is a collaboration between developers and moderators to provide our members with a stable platform to host their Ragnarok Online private server, as well as provide a safe, reliable and abuse free atmosphere to post questions, suggestions, fixes and additions to the project.

    As a prospective applicant, this application is your chance to showcase your ability to help fulfill Hercules' mission and what you're capable of contributing to the project as a whole. Please read through all the information presented below and follow the application instructions to the best of your ability.

    Should any questions arise, please don't hesitate contact an Administrator.

    Open Positions
    Hercules is always looking for interesting people to join its team, no matter the position.

    Prospective applicants must follow these simple instructions to be considered for a staff position. Any submitted applications that fail to follow these instructions will automatically be rejected. Consider this as your first test into being accepted as member of the team.

    In the 'Message Subject' field please state the position you are applying for or we will not know what positions you want.

    b The 'Enter your message' field may be used in any fashion you wish. You may add in any information you'd like us to know and think would improve your chances into being accepted for the position. However, we do require that you provide the following information:

    - Availability
    - Hercules related skills
    - Qualifications
    - Moderating/Development experience (if any)

    If you'd like to apply for a Forum Moderation position
    You should know we only take active people to forum moderation roles, if you're new here which means you didn't have the time to show your activity to us, you should provide information on other forums/places you are/were active for us to take in consideration. You may only apply to the Global Moderator Position if you are currently a moderator on our boards.

    If you'd like to apply for a Development position
    You should know we require all dev applicants to submit pull requests prior to their application, we'll reject any applications from users with no approved pull requests. This is our way to be aware of your abilities, you can, for example, go through our bug tracker and Git Issue Tracker, find any not-yet fixed bugs, and fix them yourself. With that, send us a pull request (a pull request is when you fork our github project, commit changes to your fork and request your changes to be merged back into Hercules). Be aware that when you are fixing bugs, you must reference the bug you are fixing to either our forum Bug Tracker or our Git Issue Tracker.

    If you'd like to apply for a Development position in our FluxCP
    The process for applying as a developer for our FluxCP is similar as above. You'll be required to fix any bugs found in the FluxCP and/or make / add improvements (this could be addons, etc.) to the repo. You still will need to pull request to the repository so we can overlook the code.

    If you'd like to apply for a Wiki Contributor position
    For this position, we do require you to have contributed to our Wiki. However, if you have 0 contributions to our Wiki but you have contributed to rAthena's or eAthena's Wiki, you are still eligible to apply for this position. Just remember, when filling out your application for this position, please provide a link to your profile to either Wiki you've contributed too.

    We do not automatically provide personal updates to the status of your application. If 25 days has passed and you haven't heard back from the administration, it may be safe to assume you haven't been accepted.

    Once again, thank you for deciding to apply.

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