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    This is an old RO launcher I have. Been using it ever since it came to my hands.
    Restarts the server as soon as it crashes.
    No idea who wrote it other than whats in the script's usage: Zak Farrington alias fritz <[email protected]>

    Usage: ./hAx [OPTIONS]... [MAPSERVER-BINARY]... [OUTPUTFILE]...Examples: ./hAx --hup map-server map-server.out # Inerpret hang up signals && output to map-server.out ./hAx --nohup map-server.exe /dev/null # Ignore hangup signals && output to /dev/nullThe Flags: --hup Passes map-server directly to the command line, thusly it interprets hang up signals --nohup Passes map-server thru nohup to ignore hang up signals
    To use it you can create a file called "run", chmod +x the file and add this on it
    nohup ./hAx --nohup login-server ~/server/log/login/slog &
    nohup ./hAx --nohup char-server ~/server/log/char/schar &
    nohup ./hAx --nohup map-server ~/server/log/map/smap &
    After that, simply type ./run and voila.
    All the console output will be logged to ~/server/log/<server>/s<server>_<start_time>
    Hope it helps




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