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  1. reserving this post for showcases*
  2. hi there! i am cozyrere. i used to go by daifuku back then, but i can't access my account anymore so yeah - i'm back! if you are looking for someone who can do: - logo - banner - animated banner - loading screen - login screen - wordpress setup/edits - general photoshop edits .. and more, then you can just simply drop me a message on discord: cozyrere due to being gone for a couple years plus having a new pc, i don't really have anything to show except for my old stuff [click here] but please note that prices might not be the same anymore i am not sure if i can still do patcher coding, it's been forever but i can definitely do the design for it. i am currently doing some things for woon like this for example: (will update more samples as i go)
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