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Found 1 result

  1. N.E.M.O. - Neo Exe Modification Organizer Why another client patcher? well 1) WeeDiffGen - isn't working for 2013 clients + it depends on dlls (not that its a bad thing but i like scripting ) 2) xDiffGen - yes its scripted but we need to depend on xdiff files. so i made a new one based on xDiffGen and here it is. The patches are written in QtScript format. Details of making a patch have already been written in a seperate topic - although now it needs to be updated with more details. I have already converted most of the patches from xDiffGen. Why this name? - well I didn't want it to be called * Gen No offense plus someone keeps calling me Nemo in IRC which gave me the idea Snapshot ----------------- How to use? --------------------- 1) First you need to specify your client file in Input Exe file box. If you browse to select the file name, Output Patched box gets updated with a _patched suffix filename automatically. Ofcourse you can select your own name for the output. 2) Next we need to load both the client and the scripts (patches & addons). so click Load Client button. 3) Select the patches you want . In case you patched once before (for whatever date) they will be saved in your local and you can use the Select Previous button to select them again. Also you can try using the Select Rcomnded button to select all the Recommended patches. 4) So your patches are selected and client is loaded what next but to Apply Patches which will generate the output file. In 2.0 version , NEMO also generates a .secure.txt file containing the MD5, SHA1 and CRC32 values of the output exe file which you can use in various tools. 5) You can use the Save Profile and Load Profile buttons for saving/reloading a set of patches & input values, that you have selected (even if they are not applied) for future use. 6) Whenever you apply patches to a client, NEMO updates the patchlist.log file (along with Inputlist.db) in the folder where NEMO.exe is. This file will contain the list of patches you have applied along with their IDs (do not tamper with either of them). Changes in 2.0: ---------------------- 1) I have made some obvious modifications to the interface (you can definitely see the change in case you have seen v1.0). i) Buttons have come downwards and is no longer strippable (toolbar has been fixed in position) ii) New status Label has been added which shows your currently loaded client date and how many patches are selected. iii) NEMO now has support for Addons - scripts that are meant to retrieve data from the client and do its own thing (not patch the client). All the Extract xDiff patches has been added here already. 1 extra addon will be coming soon once i can fix it. iv) New Filter box has been added which does live search (i.e. filter as you type) for filtering out only the patches u want to see. For e.g. if you type color, it will only show patches that have the string color in either it's name or the description. You can also use regular expression . Also you can sort the columns now v) An upcoming feature - Test Patches. this one you can use for testing a newly added patch for a variety of clients that you select. 2) NEMO is no longer there in SVN. I have shifted it to GitHub . The rar file uploaded has the .git file so you should be able to directly pull to get updates. But just in case I have also provided the repository link below. Remember to pull for updates before using NEMO and let me know if you are facing any bugs or issues or if i have missed out on anything. Enjoy . Repository: https://github.com/MStr3am/NEMO.git Download Link: NEMO zip file
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