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LF Developer [Script/Source/Experienced] (Can pay monthly)

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I am looking for skilled and experienced developers who knows his way around Hercules source code to make various adjustments, as well as possibly write custom scripts.
There are a bunch of "ideas" I have and need help with.
Some are small projects (custom itemscripts, small ish npcs, custom @commands).
Some are "bigger" projects (complex custom @commands, changes to in-game mechanics, skill mechanic changes, etc.) that require a bit more brain and creativity to solve effectively.

Payment can be discussed in private, but I can say I am able to pay either on project by project basis, or pay a monthly hiring fee and setup a Schedule / Deadline with you that we both agree to.

Notes :
- Dont bother contacting me if you are looking for a quick cash grab and then never respond again. Payment will be done after the delivery of the agreed work.
- You can ask various "big" people here on this board if you question my credibility. (Daifuku, yug-webdev, Asheraf, Hemagx, HappyDevs and Dastgir to name a few) I have been involved with all of those people and many others and none have ever complained about our contracts.
- Your work shall be based on the "stock / base" hercules (newest git version). If things work out great and we work together for a longer time, you will be given access to the Servers gitlab repo.
- Avoid overselling yourself, be fair towards me and yourself. :)
- Be motivated and fluent (enough) in english to make sure we do not run into any communication issues.
- Your work concept is already prepared for you (google doc / google sheet format).

- COMMUNICATION IS KEY. - If you do not respond within 7 days [1 week] without reason I consider you no longer interested in the project and the agreement between us is void and no longer in effect.

- This means that if you were working on something, but failed to update me or respond at all, I will now give that task to another developer and you will NOT be paid, even if you finish the task.

- Make sure to communicate with me about every step in the process so that a fair work environment can be established. If you cannot reply for extended periods of time, tell me beforehand. If you are unsure if you are available for another 7 days, tell me beforehand.

Contact :
- Write here or write me a PM.
- Add me on discord Inzanity#1558
- Add me on skype inz4n33 (rarely active there)

Payment : 
- Prefer Paypal (maximum security for both sides)
- Can do other methods (contact me in this case)

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Update 20-01-22 :
- A few developers have contacted me and some of the tasks have been finished or are being looked at.

- Monthly budget for january will be reached soon, so depending on the project that you can complete, i will only need 1 or 2 more devs to help me out.

- In February i will be able to hire more people again (if necessary).

- Feel free to contact me if interested!

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Still looking for more source developers.

Big thanks to Asheraf, Dastgir and Happy Devs for providing their excellent services.

I was contacted by various others, but they never replied back. If anyone else is looking for a great developing service, i highly recommend those 3.

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