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[Showcase] Miniquest: Anry & Dragon

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A map inspired by the mobile game from 2004 made for a small quest in a medieval setting.
The brave citizen Anry sets off in search of the princess, the daughter of the king.
On his way, townspeople and fabulous creatures will help him.
And in the end, after the great battle with the dangerous dragon, a feast in a local
tavern and maybe a wedding.
I was still lazy to do the quest itself, and I won’t be able to do it 100% myself because I don’t have my own server and I can only code eAthena.
But a little later I can outline the text, the variables and the main points.


Mobile game from 2004 lets play in 2019 omg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebMonUEzFNA









The times have come to the northern kingdom.
One year have passed since the dragon holds Princess Leona captive.
You decided to save the princess from the dragon's clutches.
To tell you the truth, you are not even a knight, skipping the fact that you are not even member of the gentry. You are a regular citizen.
You know that it's not that easy to defeat the dragon.
Almost each month there appeared another vain knight which was eaten by the dragon in no time.
What can be done? In childhood you heard that the dragon can be defeated only with the help of magic...


In-game screenshots:


1. Start location
Warp to the Town Square.




2. Town Square
Warps back to the Start location, to the Tavern, to a Narrow Street and to the Garden Grounds near the castle.




3. Narrow Street
Warps back to the Town Square, to the House Rooms 1 & 2.




4. Tavern
Warps back to the Town Square and to the Tavern Cellar.




5. Tavern Cellar
Warp back to the Tavern.




6. House Room 1
Warp back to a Narrow Street.




7. House Room 2
Warps back to a Narrow Street and to the Secret Passage.




8. Secret Passage
Warp back to the House Room 2.




9. Garden Grounds
Warps back to the Town Square and to the Forest. 




10. Forest
Warps back to the Garden Grounds, further into the Forest and to the Dragon's Cave.




11. Dragon's Cave
Kill the Dragon, save Princess Leona and win the game.





Please rate it :D if the map is good enough

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