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How do I get Royal Guard's Reflect Damage back again?


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I'm running the 4th job edition. Here, the Royal Guard's (not Crusader's) Reflect Damage skill has been changed into an absolute abomination. It's the whole reason why I quit NovaRO. What I want is the old version back again (pre Rebalancing Patch), reflecting damage all around me. I have the server for my own personal use and no one else. I'm not out to make money, I just like Ragnarok as being my own personal game and not an MMO. Reflect Damage is the very core of my build as an AgiCrit Auto Attacking Autocaster (Walking S***storm). How do I get the skill back? How do I revert it/recreate it? I'm a straight up doofus with Grf Editor, if I have to use that, please be very specific. If I can create it and put it on a gear/card that would be great (I've tried but I can't make it work), how do I do that specifically? It seems like the Orc Lord or High Orc card would have to be changed a bit to account for the 7x7 range around the caster, damage %, and % proc chance of the effect but I don't know how, especially the 7x7 part. Even better would be transplanting the skill from Pre Rebalancing into 4th job as Max HP and Base lvl affects the damage output.


Original skill:



Please help and thank you so very much in advance!

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