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NovaRO - Renewal 25/25/10

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  •  Features

    Exclusive New Content!

    • Ghost Palace


    Basic Information

    • Base: 25x
    • Job: 25x
    • Quest: 25x
    • Item Drop: 10x
    • MVP: 10x
    • MVP Card: 0.02%
    • Max Level: 175/60
    • Max ASPD: 193
    • Max Stats: 130 (3rd job)


    • Job Changer
    • Stylist
    • Healer
    • Dungeon Warper
    • Universal Tool Dealer
    • Platinum Skills NPC
    • Stat and Skill Resetter
    • Card Remover
    • Feel Reset NPC

    Official Server Features

    • Renewal Features
    • Third Classes Fully Available
    • Rebellion Job With Working Skills
    • Instanced Dungeons Available: Endless Tower, Bakonawa Lake, Hazy Forest, Old Glastheim and others!
    • Functional Dewata, El Dicastes, Malangdo & Mora Quest

    Custom Server Features

    • Max Party Share Limit: 30 Base Levels
    • Customized Tool Dealer: Includes Grape Juice
    • Transcendent WoE, PvP Room and BG
    • Quest Boards up to 175
    • @go, @refresh, @autoloot, @duel, @request, @changegm, @ii, @mi 
    • Renewal EXP table
    • No renewal drop penalty


    Opened Friday October 24, Noon PST.


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Updated the thread! Some of our new content such as Geffen Magic Tournament has videos created by one of our players, Mawile. Hope you enjoy watching them, and come join us at NovaRO!

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