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    • I am currently facing a significant issue on my server, which involves both rogue and stalkers with skill Plagiarism. Example: The problem arises when a Stalker with a level 10 Double Strafe skill plagiarizes a level 5 Double Strafe skill. The level 5 skill replaces the original level 10 skill. However, the copied skill does not appear in the appropriate tab. Furthermore, if the Stalker undergoes a skill reset or plagiarizes another skill, the Double Strafe skill completely disappears, resetting to level 0 and causing the Stalker to lose skill points. It's important to note that there are no modifications made to this section of the script. Here is the relevant part of the script for reference: int cidx, idx, lv = 0; cidx = skill->get_index(copy_skill); switch(can_copy(tsd, copy_skill)) { case 1: // Plagiarism { if (tsd->cloneskill_id) { idx = skill->get_index(tsd->cloneskill_id); if (tsd->status.skill[idx].flag == SKILL_FLAG_PLAGIARIZED) { tsd->status.skill[idx].id = 0; tsd->status.skill[idx].lv = 0; tsd->status.skill[idx].flag = 0; clif->deleteskill(tsd, tsd->cloneskill_id); } } lv = min(skill_lv, pc->checkskill(tsd, RG_PLAGIARISM)); tsd->cloneskill_id = copy_skill; pc_setglobalreg(tsd, script->add_variable("CLONE_SKILL"), copy_skill); pc_setglobalreg(tsd, script->add_variable("CLONE_SKILL_LV"), lv); tsd->status.skill[cidx].id = copy_skill; tsd->status.skill[cidx].lv = lv; tsd->status.skill[cidx].flag = SKILL_FLAG_PLAGIARIZED; clif->addskill(tsd, copy_skill); } Do you have any suggestions or potential solutions for this issue? I am willing to compensate anyone who can provide a fix for it.
    • Hercules doesn't have a "episode changer" nor an exact running episode. RO itself doesn't follow a straight line of updates around the world, as each server got different content at different times. We follow kRO, kind of.   If you are in pre-re, you are likely around 13.2, the latest episode before renewal, and you likely have most content (at least as far as I know).   For renewal, there isn't a specific episode, we are missing some stuff of pretty much every renewal episode. Like, we have Rebellion (which is from 15.x) but we don't have faceworm instance which if from 14.x.   If you check this filter in GitHub for example, you can see a few episodes and their missing/implemented content: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+episode  
    • I'm using "2020-04-01bRagexe" and yes I'm using the load custom lua file but I put the correct name when I'm building the exe with nemo. The itemInfo that I used I downloaded from the  branch master git "ROenglishRE" and I put this path to the load custom lua ->  System/itemInfo_EN.lua. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.   On the other hand, I fixed it the icons, thanks so much.   EDIT: Finally I can resolved it. Thanks so much for your patiens!   I have another question, maybe is pretty silly, How I know in wich ragnarok version am I? I means, in what chapter 13.3, 15.2 (I don't know how is it going)
    • it might be that your client was modified to use a different item info file. Which client are you using? and did you use "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub" patch on nemo? if you have used this patch, you have to use whatever name you set there.   The error in your print is saying that it tried to find the image (null).bmp, most likely it is getting something wrong while loading your lua. Did you get any error when the client starts? this may also give a hint about the issue.   --   for signboard, deleting it will make the client load from GRF, the  right way would be to edit it to not show signboards (by emptying the list of signboards)
    • I put the itemInfo_True.lub or lua that I got from a Ro English translation. But I got the same error. About the icons, I tried to solved deleting the signboardlist.lub but nothing happened.
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