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  1. Hello guys, i have a lil problem with Potion pitcher when a pally get APPLE from clown potion pitcher instead heal, just drain HP and i dont know why. someone can help me pls PD: ONLY ON PALADIN JOB Thanks
  2. Hello ppl i need help with this, i can purchase on my Cash shop trader idk why i hace 20120410 packet and Rathena exe too. Help me pls
  3. Hello guys i have a annoying problem on my server when i summon mobs with bloody branch and dead branch i just deal 1 damage, Pls i need help how i can solve this? thanks
  4. Hello i have a problem adding drops to a mob i add a hat but when i kill and drop the hat i get it but unidentified how i can fix that, thanks
  5. the best host guys you must try it, 100% recommended you'll not regret Support is always for you if you need asistance, help or something, very kind and patient. TRY IT
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