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  1. hi,... good day to you guys can someone have a edited file with this? tired of editing this.. please if you have can i have a sample... please
  2. how can i prevent the character for abusing the fishing.. in my case my fishing script is just click the fishing hole then leave your character.. all night long.. how can i prevent that?? here is my fishing script prontera,160,172,0 script Fishing Hole 723,{ //Fishing rod set .@Rod,2764; //Fishing Lure set .@Lure,2775; //Auto-Fish set .@Auto,1; //Auto-Fish on Fail set .@AutoFail,1; Fish: if (isequipped(.@Rod)) && (isequipped(.@Lure)){ specialeffect EF_BUBBLE,"Fishing Hole"; dispbottom "[Fishing] Casting..."; set .@fcast,15; if (isequipped(2550)) { //Fisher's Muffler set .@fcast,.@fcast - 2; } if (isequipped(2443)) { //Fisher's Boots set .@fcast,.@fcast - 2; } if (isequipped(2764)) { //Fishing Pole set .@fcast,.@fcast - 3; } if (isequipped(2775)) { //Fishing Lure set .@fcast,.@fcast - 1; } progressbar "ffffff",.@fcast; if (rand(1,100) == 4){ getitem 7539,5; //Fish with Blue Back specialeffect2 EF_TEMP_OK; mapannounce strcharinfo(3),strcharinfo(0)+" has caught a Fish with Poring Coin!",bc_map,"0xff77ff"; if(.@Auto==1){ goto Fish;}else{ end;} } if (rand(1,6) == 1) ||(rand(1,6) == 3) || (rand(1,6) == 6){ setarray .@Catch[0],607,603,14232,7227;// List of Junk/Other set .@CatchRand,.@Catch[rand(getarraysize(.@Catch))]; getitem .@CatchRand,1; } else { dispbottom "[Fishing] Nothing was caught..."; if(.@AutoFail == 1){ goto Fish;} else{ end;} } if (rand(1,100) == 3){ setarray .@Rare[0],674,7227,13517; set .@RareCatch, .@Rare[rand(getarraysize(.@Rare))]; getitem .@RareCatch,1; //Reward mapannounce strcharinfo(3),strcharinfo(0)+" has caught a "+getitemname(.@RareCatch)+"!",bc_map,"0x33CC00"; } if(.@Auto == 1){ goto Fish;} else{ end;} } else { dispbottom "[Fishing] You need a Rod and Lure."; end; } } Use code box next time please. Thanks! -Aeromesi
  3. is there anyone here has a simple NPC QUEST so i can put my quest items thanks..
  4. my server is a pre-re server i want an costume item in the renewal.. but when i copy it in the itemdb.txt of the renewal to pre-re it dosent show the item preview on my character.. what should be the problem??
  5. Chellevin

    please help

    can someone share their wings quest requirement and wings effects to stats scripts.. please.. thanks in advance hope you share yours
  6. no just +7 valk set all character in the server is like that all character in the server is like that
  7. Hi.. Can someone have a script here that can play a mp3 file as a BGM in prontera coz some server i know using it like on celestial ro
  8. how much for that kind of script?
  9. Please help me with my server we are expiriencing some bug in defence eventhough you are wearing items your def is still 0 kindly look at the attatchment
  10. Chellevin

    Bug difence

    Hi guys pa help nmn kung ano nangyare sa server namin kc kahit ano items ang isuot ko ay zero parin ang defence nya salamat po sa agarang sagot thanks
  11. Guys you have script of mining like in rebirth ro??
  12. Please help me about my server i havecexpiriencing some bug in defence even though im wearing any armor or items it doesnt affect my def its still 0 please help and advance thankyou for your help
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