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  1. Nevermind. It either fixed itself or removing it from the sql in the sc_data and restarting was a solution >_> Still not sure how this error came to be though.
  2. 4b17d944024e78ddc3dd608149ad096244e06f6f Sorry that took me a while, we were doing maintenance anyway >_> so I figured wait until I reset the server since it was at the top.
  3. I am having a dumb moment, but where do I find that information again?
  4. So we have a player whom cannot use Endure says their timer is in a cool down. Which the gui says otherwise... When I logged off his account (to test to make sure that it was indeed not working ) This error appeared on our map-server [Error]: timer_do_delete error: function mismatch [1574]00000000(unkown timer function) != 00627626(skill_blockpc_end) [Error]: --- failed assertion ------------------------- [Error]: c:\hercules\src\common\timer.c: 389: '0' in function `unkown` [Error]: --- end failed assertion --------------------- Any idea what is causing this or how we can fix it? It should be noted that we tried in various maps, every other character can perform Endure in those errors but not this one.
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