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  1. Thank you already solved the problem!
  2. Could someone tell me the damage of the case CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION?
  3. I did not understand, where do I put this function? this function Load rewards for this Player;
  4. I can close, I already have
  5. Hello, could you help me? how do I make the player even offline when they sign up to receive the Winning Guild Weekly award? script event is coming down Thank you koe.txt
  6. arthurcunha1991


    Can anyone help me with this @woe script? he is correct but at the time I type @woe in-game he accuses this error in the emulator woe.txt
  7. Thank you very much @hikashin @Caspian has already been resolved and is working!
  8. up! Can someone give me a working @restock plugin?
  9. is still with error = x I do not script script I'm very dumb :)
  10. I just added this to item_db2 if you can help me I thank you, the problem is every time I teleport the status bugs, then I have to strip and put the equipments again { Id: 29314 AegisName: "VISUAL314" Name: "VISUAL314" Type: "IT_ARMOR" Loc: "EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_TOP" Refine: false ViewSprite: 3314 Trade: nodrop: true notrade: true noselltonpc: true nocart: true nostorage: true nogstorage: true nomail: true noauction: true Script: <" if(BaseLevel>60) { bonus bAllStats,1; specialeffect(EF_INCAGILITY, AREA, playerattached()); sc_start SC_INC_AGI,3800000,10; } if(BaseLevel<60) { bonus bAllStats,3; bonus2 bExpAddRace, RC_All, 2; } "> OnEquipScript: <" dispbottom "Você tem +3 Em Todos os Status e Bonus 2% Exp de todas as Raças monstros até o level 60"; "> OnUnequipScript: <" dispbottom "Você perdeu todos os Bonus do BONÉ FnaticRO :)"; "> },
  11. it working only that every time I change map or @go 1 or @go 2 the status he buga there I have to unequip and equip again
  12. I want to put a HAT, that it buff and Status Until level 80 dps it does not give anything else, but every time I put a status it buga Is there no way to let permanent skill equal vigor? That's when X level disappears. EX: Ahura Madzar OnEquipScript: <" sc_start4 SC_ENDURE,60000,10,0,0,1; "> OnUnequipScript: <" sc_end SC_ENDURE; "> my script item_db2 Script: <" OnEquipScript: if(BaseLevel<80) { sc_start SC_INC_AGI,-1,10; }"> OnUnequipScript: <" sc_end SC_INC_AGI; "> },
  13. If someone can help thanks, the script works normal But I would like only 1 Char per IP or per account you can get @promo a reward for X players that activate the code first. promocode.txt
  14. I would like some help Like I do to leave Agi and Bless Active in Custom hat until X Level Ex: player got level 60 agi and bless ceases to be active and some only gets the look of the custom hat
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