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  1. Found the Hex for it myself and changed it with HxD, now I got it to load iteminfo.lua instead of iteminfo.lub first. Not sure how to turn it into a patch for NEMO though.
  2. Bummer, seems all the other patches work, just can't get that one to work on any version of nemo ;(
  3. Tried both these versions of nemo: I'm trying it on client version 20190408
  4. I've tried a couple different versions of NEMO and everytime I try to load a custom lua file instead of iteminfo.lub it fails in step 1 "reference not found" I assume it means iteminfo.lub has a different location in this ragexe.exe not sure how to find it though.
  5. Anyone have a program that can merge a .gpf directly into the data.grf with a click? Used one before where the program would automatically update data.grf with update.gpf by clicking on a program called UpdateGRF However, it has stopped working for some reason, anyone have a program that does the same?
  6. i have a lua514 folder that is used, the iteminfo is located in the system folder The client doesn't accept it as a lua and for whatever reason luac5.1.4.exe works just fine converting my other lua files to lub, but runs and won't make the lub when doing iteminfo.
  7. Nope, the part I need to edit is gibberished up unless it's converted to lua.
  8. I tried that too, no success with it. =\
  9. So I wanted to make some items that show the same sprite use different sprites instead, so I converted iteminfo.lub to iteminfo.lua to edit it, but when I try to convert it back to iteminfo.lub with luac5.1.4 it won't work. Works find with some other files, any pointers to why it won't work? Is it too large of a file or etc?
  10. On accounts I register through FluxCP, their passwords are then encrypted in the SQL, but that actually is changing their passwords for when trying to log in. So if I register with a password of "password1234" it gets encrypted to "hgfh6583bhbun473b6b" and that becomes the actual password needed to login to the client. Anyone know how to fix this this?
  11. As my stupid plunders get solved I will just post my own answers I find for future people running into the same problems. If you remake the admin account in the SQL make sure it's account id is 1 or it won't work.
  12. I messed with the sql and removed all the accounts I had registered by accident and now whenever I try to run server it refuses the connection. It says the login name and password are correct but still refuses them. It says the default s1/p1 are probably invalid and to make sure the login db settings are the same and the gender is s. which they all are. But it still fails to allow login, anyone know how to fix this? I will go about re-compiling to see if that will do the trick, but I'm thinking it won't.
  13. Nevermind, for some odd reason it decided to work on the 30th try o.o
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