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  1. thank you for all of your suggestions, will try to all your suggestions.
  2. Hi, after i select my character my client will sudden force close (no error prompt and no error on server side). client used: 2018-05-30 hercules version: latest already changed my PACKETVER and then recompiled. Thanks
  3. thanks for the replies guys looks like using commands to offline players is not currently do able at the moment.
  4. Hi is there a way to use certain @commands on offline users? for example @slaveclone <offline player_name> thanks
  5. already fixed my previous issue about mysql, i installed brew to instal the mysql-server. but now i got this error (configure: error: PCRE header not found)
  6. Hi, anyone how has server setup on their macbook? im currently having problem in ./configure (configure: error: MySQL not found or incompatible) already installed mysql-server from mysql.com thanks
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