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  1. Hey, i have a Problem with FluxCP. I want to install it on a Webhosting and the Server runs on a Rootserver. i have this Error Code: My root runs on debian 11 and i have the port 3306 allowed on iptables. I have try on MariaDB allow my mysql user allow connection from outside but without success. The Problem on Install is the same.
  2. hey everyone, i have test to create a server, now i have a problem to connect with loginserver. Please can help me?
  3. Blubkeks

    Hey :)

    Hello Friends. i am new in there community. i am from Germany, my last Contact to RO i think was 2011. on that Time i has use eathena. I Hope Here are Germans too, Because to Talk when i Need help. My english is very Bad.
  4. Hey. Can i use a MySQL dB from Other Server ? Because i have too
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