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  1. MARK ANTHONY GERORMAN SAYAANG - A.K.A = DEV BLAZE 2 years ago we bought a full Gepard Shield from Phyton hosting/Mark Anthony Gerorman Sayaang A.K.A Dev Blaze for $150 and used it in our Server VirtualR0. then Yesterday, I asked him if he still have our Gepard Shield and how much is the installation of the Gepard Shield coz we're planning to put up Ragnarok Server again. He said, our Gepard Shield still with him and we can still use it, for the installation $15 server side installation and $20 for the IP Address renewal and .exe set up- which make $35. We did some research and apparently according to other hosting, the renewal of IP address is for free. The .exe is just $10 for the service fee payable to functor and another $10 also for the server side installation. Of course we were surprised that his offer is almost twice than the other. So we decided to just get the Gepard Shield's authority that we bought. When we were asking Phytonhost to talk to Functor so they can transfer the autority to us, he started to ignore my messages and suddenly blocked me on Facebook. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS HOSTING COMPANY. OWNER FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/blaze.phyton WEBSITE : https://phytonhost.com/ Please see attached photo for the proof that we bought the gepard shield.
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