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  1. Oh actually, I realized that the rsm2 models aren't converted into rsm, they only have their extension changed. Because they have exactly the same size as files, when they should be different. They're 2 completely different file formats >< Even converted models from ilusion have some problems, As Tokei stated in https://rathena.org/board/topic/127587-rsm2-file-format/, it's not possible to entirely convert a rsm2 model properly, it only works in a few cases. (His post is quite useful though!) So I think the only good solutions are: For clients: To work with the most recent ones, so they can open and use rsm2 models themselves. For map makers: To wait for a solution for Browedit 2 so it can add and use rsm2 models (however, this program is still uncomplete and has several errors to be solved, if ever!). or: Make models in a 3D making program and make use of the textures provided in the last official GRF updates. Have a wondeful day! o/
  2. Hii! Thank you soo much for converting these models! However, they don't work either in browedit 1 or 2 ><; At first, I thought that as usual, the problem lied in the Version numbers. So I hexed them: This is because Browedit, specially 586, has trouble reading other version numbers. And this is necessary because it's the only version of Browedit that can save the Quadtree of the map properly. However, this didn't fix the problem, it rather made the models unusable even in GRF Editor: So, I tried opening the non-modified converted models in Browedit 2's Bromedit (which is a program that modifies models), and I get this error: I think the reason is that rsm 2 files use the textures very differently to rsm 1 files. For instance, some of the models in ilusion, upon being converted, had several "repeated textures", which also didn't work well in browedit and sometimes crashed in RO itself. It'd be very nice if you could look into it in your converted models, please! I hope this helps! Have a wonderful week x3
  3. Hi! Does anyone have any problem with this and Browedit? I've tried to make either of the dowloads work with Browedit 586, 620 and 2, but it doesn't want to. I get messages like this: Other grfs also don't want to work (updated or not), except for an old one that I have. Thank u in advance!
  4. Hii! This is a map I finished back in May, after months of working on it. It's also the very first map that I've made. As the title says, it's based on the Hakurei Shrine from Touhou! Although with some variations to make it even more explorable! It has several custom retextured objects, as well as many places to explore! Specially thought for romantic or relaxing purposes ^^ It has a touristic area, an Onsen or Thermal Open Bath, and much more! (As you can see in the previews. Previews ☆○o 。Ver 1.5 。o○☆ The map is currently in Ver. 1.5. It has had several fixes and improvements since it was first showcased in Rathena, such as some wrong shadows and objects positions fixed. Also, now it has ground colouring, so certain parts now look better: Any comment is appreciated, thank you! x3 [SOLVED] Known issues: For some reason, if you have certain NVidia Graphic Cards, using "Direct3D" option in the setup can cause glitched graphics on the map. This is a known issue in certian maps, but to fix it you can do the following:
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