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  1. Why are you using nulled and rebranded whmcs? why don't you pay monthly because you make money using their system? https://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php/verifydomain.php
  2. Really? my developer, who referred the developer to me, first of all you pass on your responsibility to others you want me to post here our whole conversation to see here how many reasons you have, it's only in 5 to 7 days that it takes a month i asking request the copy of the files feb 27 2022 because you didn't give me a copy of the files, untill march 9 2022 i follow up my request but you said you will fix your pc, I said why don't you just take the harddrive and put it on another device, then you blocked me, when i posted here you just unblocked me and you're negotiating? to delete my comment here lol
  3. I paid on nov 8 2021 for flux themes and he said usually it should end in 5 to 7days but but but 4 Month later im asking for my themes i paid but he so many reason and now im blocked i paid for nothing haha Be careful guys
  4. I'm looking to know how to make a live ragnarok marketplace. where the marketplace is accessible to the player's storage, buy or sell items he will go directly to the storage and the currency to be used is custom coin from metamask the concept is similar to axie PM me we can discuss the price
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