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  1. im having a Problem On Devotion Skill Here The Example of Bug Palladin Devo the Sniper then the sniper HP is 10k and the paladin is 60k.. Then after that the sniper take the damage almost 999k so the paladin will die the senario is the paladin take damage is Only 10k which is the maximun HP of the sniper Emulator:eAmod
  2. xHyaweh

    Devotion Bug on eAmod

    Pa tulong naman ako sa bug nang Devotion.. Eto po senario about sa devo Example ko Pag Devo nung pally Ung Sniper tapos Max HP nung Sniper is 10k Then ang pally is 60k Pag ka asura ko sa sniper is 999k so dapat patay ang pally ang nang yayare Bawas lang sa pally is kung ano buhay nung devo nya un lang ang bawas
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