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  1. lShinel

    Yggdrasil RO

    Site: https://www.yggdrasil-ro.ml/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HpDDM9Y6Nv
  2. http://vahallaragnarokonline.pagliahost.com.br/ Multi-Language Server(You can choose between Portuguese PT-BR and English) It's an on-going project, still not 100% Chooseable XP Rate: from 1x to 200x The higher your XP, the lower is your DROP rate There's also a HARDCORE mod which gives you a 5x DROP rate bonus and if you die in this mod, your char gets deleted with all items!! Obs: Any monster can drop his respective item with random options , for example, a poring can drop a knife with random options, also a valkyrie can drop a shield with random options Don't forget to change to english language in the site and dowload the client english pack aswell
  3. Is there a way to enable crits in double attack (thief) on pre-renewal server?
  4. Brazillian Server hosted in Canada Pré renewal with some features from renewal Rates: 2500x / 2500x Level 150 / 70 Card drops: Normal 0.50% / 0.55% mini boss / 0.60% MvP https://www.valkyriero.ragnaserver.com.br/
  5. sure this is the right lord.str? tried everything but couldnt change the effect, other effect changes made by you like thunderstorm works properly.. @edit fixed, it was a problem with my grf, sorry
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