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  1. : DB error - Table 'ragnarok.loginlog' doesn't exist [Debug]: at c:\users\projro\desktop\ragnarok \hercules\src\login\loginlog.c:99 - INSERT INTO `loginlog`(`time`,`ip`,`user`,`rcode`,`log`) VALUES (NOW(), '', 'login server', '100', 'login server started') [Info]: Connection request of the char-server 'Hercules' @ (account: 's1', pass: 'p1', ip: '') : DB error - Table 'ragnarok.loginlog' doesn't exist [Debug]: at c:\users\projro\desktop\ragnarok\hercules\src\login\loginlog.c:99 - INSERT INTO `loginlog`(`time`,`ip`,`user`,`rcode`,`log`) VALUES (NOW(), '', 'ragnarok', '100', 'charserver - [email protected]:6121') [Notice]: Authentication accepted (account: ragnarok, id: 1, ip: [Status]: Connection of the char-server 'Hercules' accepted. How to fix this error on login-server.bat?
  2. Thank you po. Kaya po ba update yung old files from latest ng hindi nababago yun source modification?balance na po kasi noon
  3. Meron ako server noon na binili. Nasa akin pa ang Files. Gusto ko sana i up yung server kasi sayang naman yung files. Possible po ba na gumana kahit luma na?2018 pa ang files. stable at balance siya kaya gusto ko luma na lang ang gamitin kahit hindi na makapag add ng new features basta ma run ko ulet. Salamat po sa sasagot
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