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  1. Hello, First, I wanna thank you @AnnieRuru for creating this awesome plugin! Does someone show us a video to demonstrate how each main flag works? I'm currently testing, but I couldn't determine if there's something wrong or not. Thanks!
  2. Assuming that min_skill_delay_limit is 100ms [the default setting under skill.conf], correct?
  3. Hi all, Can someone expound what these function means? I have my own thoughts made but I wanna double check from other perspectives. // Delay time after casting (Note 2) delay_rate: 100 // How much (dex*2+int) does variable cast turns zero? vcast_stat_scale: 530 Thanks!
  4. Thanks for replying! Following up, if I wanna reduce packets sent/received in-game especially during huge clashes, what script changes I have to focus first?
  5. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right section to get feedback so please bear with me. I'm new heh I have couple of questions on packet loss. I did some google-fu to get more information but ended up getting generalized answers. What are usual culprits why packets are easily lost in RO? Are there any non-network-related configurations [such as tweaking server/client-side scripting] to apply to minimize this? I'm aware that there is a @packetfilter plugin command made already but I am certain that lag spike/high packet loss may occur again in the future. Are there any calibrations to the OS or mySQL software to apply to make significant difference? Thanks everyone!
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