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  1. Hi everyone, How do I save a log of the recompile I just made via Putty? Whenever I recompile, there are no logs being saved and I wanted to clear all warnings or errors on my source to prevent map-crashes. I would also like to ask on how to save map crash logs. Thank you
  2. letstry

    Skill Cooldown

    Hello, Is it possible to remove all of the character's skill cooldown after talking to an NPC? For example, if the Warlock's Comet skill is on cooldown, if he talk to the NPC, the cooldown will be removed and can be casted again? Thanks
  3. letstry

    Custom Skill

    Hi everyone, I've created a custom skill buff that applies a bit of critical boost but reduces aspd. Duration and skill icon is already working but the stats provided isn't. Max level is 5 but whenever I use it, I'm only getting 1 crit. Here is my code I've added this at the upper part of status.c. set_sc(SN_CUSTOMSKILL , SC_CUSTOMSKILL , SI_CUSTOMSKILL , SCB_CRI|SCB_ASPD); I've added this at the critical bonus section if(sc->data[SC_CUSTOMSKILL]) critical += sc->data[SC_CUSTOMSKILL]->val1 * 2; I've added this at the bonus aspd section if (sc->data[SC_CUSTOMSKILL]) bonus -= sc->data[SC_CUSTOMSKILL]->val1 * 5; Are there any other compilations that I need to do aside from make plugins and make sql? Thanks EDIT: Also I would like to add in, how may I be able to change it to a toggle skill wherein it can be turned on or off by using the skill again? Thank you
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