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  1. NVM i figured it out using 2022 client works fine.
  2. Hi May be you can help me sort out this issue, Renewal equipment custom item works fine but on my pre renewal server it does not. Renewal Prerenewal Checked the robeid.lub and transparrentid.lub in grf all is there, switched itemdb_equip pre and re renewal and iteminfo.lun/iteminfo.lua does the same not showing the sprite. Using 20190605 client diff using warped. TIA
  3. Hi, Im new here i would like to as if this is possible. access cashshop,tool dealer, getitem, etc from NPC but it is only accessible for 1 guild only ex = MyGuild, if click by other player with or without guild the NPC will welcome only the player, but if click by player member of MyGuild the cashshop tool dealer get item and etc window will pop up. Thank you my engilish is not good
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