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  1. About My Services Hello everyone, I've been providing services to anyone in need as long as I have the capability to handle them. I am not that popular because I used to work without asking for recommendations to avoid dramas and speculations about what my capabilities are. I have been playing and working on servers for a decade now and helping fellow Developers and owners of the servers. So whenever I have free time, I can dedicate it to work on someone who wants their own server and make it grow. I can support them as long as I am available and will make sure that their servers will become live. My service provides security for in and out of your server to prevent getting DDoS attacks, SYN Floods, and DoS attacks. Your server's main IP will be protected from Sniffing, SQL Injection, and more potential threats. Please see below the list of packages and services that I offer and let me know which suits you. Services Offered: Server Setup - Starting from $50 up to $200! Please see the details below! Server Package A - $ 50 (Setup Only) Setup of your server - 1-time setup only Basic client files: Thor Patcher (Default Design) 2020 Version GRF with 2020-04-01 Client Enabling basic NPCs, Max Levels, Drop Rates as per your preference Lite Installer for your RO 1-time setup only Proxy VPS Setup(without reverse proxy) - 1-time setup only Gepard Installation to your client & server (You MUST have a license from Gepard Owner! See T&Cs Clause 10) - 1-time setup only Server Package B - $ 100 (Setup Only) Setup of your server - 1-time setup only Basic client files (1-time setup only): Thor Patcher (Default Design) 2020 Version GRF with 2020-04-01 Client Enabling basic NPCs, Max Levels, Drop Rates as per your preference Lite Installer for your RO Proxy VPS Setup(including reverse proxy) - 1-time setup only Gepard Installation to your client & server (You MUST have a license from Gepard Owner! See T&Cs Clause 10) - 1-time setup only Server Package C - $ 200 (Setup Only) Setup of your server with multiserver support - 1-time setup only (Up to 4 servers as long as your server host can handle the performance.) Basic client files (1-time Setup Only): Thor Patcher (Default Design) 2020 Stable version GRF with 2018-2020 stable client ( With your preferred patches) Enabling basic NPCs, Max Levels, Drop Rates as per your preference Full Installer for your RO with Up to date Data.grf and Rdata.grf Proxy VPS Setup (including reverse proxy + Built-in Anti-DDoS) - 1 time only / 1 VPS Anti DDoS, Reverse Proxy, Nginx & Apache2 - (1-time Setup only) Reduce your latency - (Setup Only) Setup your website domain and web host with SSL Certificates, and with Multi-Layered DDoS. Gepard Installation to your client & server (You MUST have a license from Gepard Owner! See T&Cs Clause 10) - 1-time setup only Other Services: Proxy VPS - $40 per IP (including reverse proxy + Built-in Anti-DDoS) (1-time Setup Only) Anti DDoS, Reverse Proxy, Nginx & Apache2 - $100 (1-time Setup only) Reduce your latency - $50 (Covers SEA, US, and EU) (1-time Setup Only + VPS host must be chosen by service provider) Setup your Flux CP, Patcher, basic client files - $25 (1-time Setup Only) Multi-Server Setup - $50 (Up to 3 server setups) Consultancy Service - $25 - Server debugging, bug fix, server crash fix, database cleanup, server files re-organize, sudden changes of server setup (2 Sessions) Note: All services that have a tag of *Setup Only* do NOT include VPS! You must provide your own VPS. Terms and Conditions 1. All services provided here are not eligible for Tax Collection. 2. If the service has not been finished within a period of 15 Working Days, the customer is eligible to get a 100% refund. 3. The service is as per server-based only. If an existing customer wants to set up a new server, the standard charge rate is applied based on the package/service. 4. All payments will be issued with receipt and invoice. 5. By availing of the services, the customer agrees that all confidential details are limited but not to(VPS Details) in order for us to provide the requested services. See Clause No. 9 6. All services are covered with a 7 Days Warranty (Except the customer has made an accident to their VPS that leads to server crash, loss of files, unable to access the VPS, adding custom items or scripts). Consultancy Service fees will apply to fix the issues. 7. The setup will be as per the details sent by the customer from the first time he/she avail of the service. Any last-minute changes will not be accepted as the time has been blocked specifically for that customer only. Consultancy fees will apply. 8. All services requested by the customer will have a minimum process of 15 Working Days. It can also be completed in less than 15 Days depends on the schedule given by the service provider. 9. The service provider and the customer agreed that all confidential details will remain discreet the customer will receive an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to be signed electronically. Any leaked information provided with video proofs that violate privacy and confidentiality will lead to the following listed below: 1 - Full refund - If the service provider has breached the NDA agreement between the client. 2 - Non-refundable & Revoking the license and services provided to the Customer - If the client has breached the NDA agreement between the service provider. 10. The client must contact the Third Party Service Provider (GEPARD) to share all the necessary files as they preferred to be talking only to their customers. We are not responsible to talk to them on behalf of the customer as it will be a breach of privacy. Contact details 1. You can send me a message here 2. You can contact me on Discord - Resu-Me#4425 Payment Channel Paypal Only Payment Terms 100% Advance [Refundable if T&C Clause No. 2 are met.]
  2. Please take a few minutes of your time and read the reasons why we are better than the servers out there! - Are you tired of playing on a server and they told you that it is not pay to win, but they have costumes that are pay to win? - Are you even tired of all servers out there that have repetitive concepts, repetitive gameplay, repetitive promises of not pay to win? - Well if you agree on those things above, then you must be also tired of GMs and Admins helping their friends in terms of giving items? - Some servers might have a high peak which is good for them! But do they really care about their players? Do they feed their players with automated events or just regular maintenance with no events and improvements? Of course! why would they make an event if they are getting profits from player's donations right? - If you agree with all of the lists above, then you must be really tired and gave up looking for a good and properly managed server. Here are some things that our server has and what we offer to you (No Pressure!) ~ We are a Low rate server mainly focused on the original gameplay of Ragnarok Online! ~ We don't have costumes that have stat effects. We prefer to use all assets of Ragnarok online and stick with the original. ~ We care about our players and we have tons of events that we are not only giving in-game rewards, We are also giving cash rewards for those events! ~ We have daily attendance, floating rates, and even hourly points that you can use to buy items in the cash shop. Speaking of Cash shop? All our items in cash shops are usable items and it does give ~ Our server is purely classic (Are you one of the players of phRO & iRO?Then we are based on their gameplay!) and the class is up to 2-2 only! No Expanded class and no trans class! ~ The owner of the server has a goal for this project. He has his own personal company and he can shoulder all of the server's expenses. He created this project because he is tired of servers that are manipulating their players and closing their servers and make one another. This project goal is to help the community by collecting the profits and give it back to our communities like in charities, helping people that got affected by COVID. So if we already have your attention... Welcome to Ragnarok - Project: Resurrection! Ragnarok - Project: Resurrection was created for the players who missed the old and original classic gameplay of Ragnarok. We stick with the official settings, no altered and custom items that will ruin the classic taste. Because we believe that as soon as we add an item that does not belong to Ragnarok, we are already moving away with the classic gameplay. We also created this project with the purpose of helping communities by giving back what we have gained from the donations and give them through events and charities. So we're not making this project for profits, we made it for you! We want you to have a virtual home where you can meet people, make friends, and bring back the old memories of what we've used to and potentially pass them on to the next generations! P.S. - You will never find any servers out there like us that have the classic and official gameplay anymore! Why not? Because those server owners are only thinking about their profits and they know that they will not gain any profit from classic gameplay that has no custom items! When was the server released? Our server has launched on September 3, and we also have a Mobile version! Our Community? We are slowly building our community and we believe that we will become a whole fun community filled with adventures, quests, and competitions! Our Team? Our team has not been involved in any issues from the past, and they are all tired of corrupted servers, admins, and GMs who gain profits from their players. They are all professionals and well-disciplined. They even share the same goal which is to help the community and give them a virtual home. Why choose us? Our gameplay is purely focused on classic gameplay. What does it mean? It means from the beginning you will have to train and level up your characters with parties or with friends. You can even get rare items along your journey and either sell or use them. If you have played the first release of Ragnarok before, you will get the same feeling when you play to ours. Is our economy stable? Our economy is based mainly on zeny. You can buy and sell your items to whoever you want. What about our trading system? We don't provide a fixed price for all items as we believe the players have the right to decide the price of an item on their own. If players think it is expensive, why not bargain? Do you allow RMT? Yes, we do! We do not want to restrict you from selling your items as we believe that it is your freedom you have all the rights to sell your items whether by zeny, cash, or whichever currency it is because you earned it! You spent blood, time, and sweat trying to get those items. HOWEVER, we are not responsible if you get scammed! (Back in the old RO Days, a lot of players get scammed!)Always trade with caution and if you are suspicious of the player? The best way is to avoid the deal. What is the difference between donators and non-donators? TIME. Non-donators can still buy from cash shops and donators can also buy from cash shops. They both can get the same items but the only difference is the time. What does it mean? Non-donators can get hourly points by playing while donators can skip that time and buy what they need in the cash shop. Our cash shop does not have a special item that can give them a permanent stat boost. It is all usable items for the benefit of our players and we are not like all the servers out there who provide hidden donation items for the privilege of being a donator. What is our community language? Our main language is English, and our second is Tagalog/Filipino. In our discord channel, the main language is also English, and there are separate channels for non-English users. We don't have favoritism when it comes to nationalities as we intended to release our server internationally. Do you offer any packages for new players? We already have freebies for every character creation. Hourly Points that they can use to buy in cash shops. Daily Attendance Rewards that they can get every day for logging in even if they missed one day! We believe that we already have enough freebies for our players and here's the list: Freebies per character! Kafra Transpo & Storage - 10 Ea Nov. Butterfly - 20 Ea Nov. Fly Wing - 20 Ea Field Manual - 10 Ea ESG - 10 Box ( 250 White / 50 Blue ) + 0 Weight We also have Max Reward Freebies! 10 Box -- Elite Siege Supply Box 5 Pc -- HE Bubble Gum (X3 Drops) 1 Pc -- 2 Hr Survival Pack 1 Pc -- Crunch Toast box 1 Pc -- Old Card Album 5 Pc -- Old Purple Box 1 Pc -- Poring Egg 1 Pc -- Pet Incubator 1Pc -- Flapping Angel Wings 1Box -- Greed Scroll Box (30) 1Box -- Gym Pass Box 1Box -- Megaphone Box (5) Can I still play without donating? Yes! The knowledge that you need to farm, hunt, job change quest, and training can be searched in RMS. While doing those activities, you can get hourly points that you can spend in our Cash Shop! What do our server features have? ✅ [Server Info] ✅ 🔥 Classic Gameplay with 2-2 Class 🔥 10x Base EXP 🔥 10x Job EXP 🔥 5x Item Drop Rate 🔥 5x Equipment Drop Rate 🔥 2x Card Drop Rate 🔥 EXP Bonus per Party Member: 5% ✅ [Server Features] ✅ 🔥 EPISODE 12 🔥 Main Town - Prontera 🔥 Novice to 2-2 Class 🔥 Base/Job Level 99/50 🔥 Max Stats 99 🔥 Instacast at 150 Dex 🔥 Aspd 190 🔥 Official Job Changer - As per class 🔥 Official NPCs 🔥 God Items - Disabled ✅ [Unique Features] ✅ 🔥 Maximum Server Capacity - 10,000 Players 🔥 Gepard 3.0 🔥 Freebies every Base Level 40/70/90 🔥 Single client – No Dual Client 🔥 Daily achievement + Tasks with rewards 🔥 Autotrade/Autovend Website: https://ragnarok-gg.com Registration: https://ragnarok-gg.com/?module=account&action=create#x Download our client here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bRQjGmFGi182Nc7h7Y3VKNCKFymlCAMg/view?usp=sharing Discord: https://discord.gg/h74QbAUNEd Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/Ragnarok-Project-Resurrection-116468534011867/
  3. I am looking for team members who will handle this project as I will be the back support in terms of Development and Finance. The server is funded by me even if there are no donations for the entire year and does not rely on donations. So rest assured that this server will not be for business profit. This will be a monthly paid role and we will discuss your monthly salary individually. We will be also doing a weekly / monthly discord meeting to discuss the progress. If you are interested and taking things seriously, Please apply! I am looking for a long-term committed team member who will dedicate enough time to treat this project as their own. Our server has been launched on September 3, 2021. We are a Low Rate server that provides classic up to 2-2 class gameplay. Our server is focused on iRO & PHRO gameplay that you cannot find in other servers anymore. Graphics Designer / Web Developer The whole content of Design and Web Development is all yours. We need your creativity, self-managed, and well-disciplined in terms of designing and making content that will attract the players. We don't want to spoonfeed you in terms of what are your responsibilities. You know better when it comes to identifying the area that needs improvement and the ideas of how you can attract players with your artistic designs and creativity. - We will support you in terms of giving you your own Webhost VPS to test your website designs and other materials that you need to accomplish your creativity. - This is a monthly paid job and we believe that all the efforts, creativity, and time that has been spent deserve a reward. So if you want to apply? Please message me on Discord and we can discuss the rest of the details. Game Masters We need a total of (3) Game Masters who will be actively online in-game. Each of them will have their own timings as we don't want each of them to be exhausted and lose fun for being active at 8-10 hours a day. We are flexible in terms of timing, and we just don't want our players to be left unattended. We prefer someone who will spend time and take things seriously but at the same time, fun to be with and the players will like them. - Being a part of Game Masters involves responding to player's concerns, feedback, and suggestions. - You are also allowed to host an event with the approval of the management. - Checking players while they're hunting, training, and doing in-game activities. - This is also a monthly paid and the payment will be based on your performance and player's feedback towards you. You can reach me on my Discord - Resu-Me#4425
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