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  1. oh my god .... thanks ^^ I solved .... in practice in the mapcache editor I inserted the file.gat and not the rsw one ... unfortunately in Brandon's video he didn't say it ..... thanks you have me saved......
  2. no in practice the maps are added correctly to the server ... the problem seems to be missing files such as textures or models that I used in browedit ... but I used the models found in data.grf it may well be that I'm wrong ... and maybe it will be something else ..... however map_cache runs correctly on RA and on Herc I have the same problem ..... so I think it's a browedit problem that doesn't export the files I need for the map .... at least I think ... I'm ignorant in this field: \
  3. hi all as the title suggests I don't know why when I insert a map created by 0 the client crashes while if I open an existing map and modify it it doesn't crash .... do i have to export some particular files? in practice I simply save as .... by chance you have to export something else too? I hope I made myself understood and sorry for my bad english
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