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  1. Good evenning! first of all thank you for the amazing guide! I am new to Hercules, helped me alot. Still have some issue to start the server. 1. : DB error - Table 'ragnarok.loginlog' doesn't exist I used to upload all SQL Files to the DB... how do fix this? 2. [Error]: Skip wrong packet id: 0x2710 [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: socket.c:832: '0' in function `rfifoskip' [Error]: 0x5614920e4eb5 nullpo_backtrace_print [Error]: /home/ragnarok/Hercules/src/common/nullpo.c:77 [Error]: 0x5614920e4eb5 assert_report [Error]: /home/ragnarok/Hercules/src/common/nullpo.c:147 [Error]: 0x5614920f7bad rfifoskip [Error]: /home/ragnarok/Hercules/src/common/socket.c:848 [Error]: 0x5614920d361c lclif_parse_packet [Error]: /home/ragnarok/Hercules/src/login/lclif.c:512 [Error]: 0x5614920d3281 lclif_parse [Error]: /home/ragnarok/Hercules/src/login/lclif.c:419 [Error]: 0x5614920f8325 do_sockets [Error]: /home/ragnarok/Hercules/src/common/socket.c:1081 [Error]: 0x5614920ceee1 main [Error]: /home/ragnarok/Hercules/src/common/core.c:541 [Error]: 0x7f5ed9c372e0 ??? [Error]: ???:0 [Error]: 0x5614920cf0c9 ??? [Error]: ???:0 [Error]: 0xffffffffffffffff ??? [Error]: ???:0 [Error]: --- end failed assertion ---------------------------------------- Checked google etc most failed assertion problem get solved when update Hercules... but I used from git last day. 3. [Error]: Can not connect to login-server. [Error]: The server communication passwords (default s1/p1) are probably invalid. [Error]: Also, please make sure your login db has the correct communication username/passwords and the gender of the account is S. [Error]: The communication passwords are set in /conf/map/map-server.conf and /conf/char/char-server.conf Check any file, insert everywhere the same user and pass... as well as in db. Thank you for your time!
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