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  1. Im getting this error "CTwitterDataMgr::CreateInstance()" when trying to open the game, i've tried making a "service_usa" folder with the files from "service_korea" but with the "kr" on the files swaped to "us", but it didnt worked. i also tried using the: http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/AlwaysReadKrExtSettings/ patch from nemo but that did not worked either.
  2. thanks it fixed the error but now i got a new one: i've found some fixes online but, none of them worked, i've tried to make a "service_usa" folder with the stuff from the "service_kr" folder, but it didnt worked. i also tried to use /AlwaysReadKrExtSettings/ patch but it did not worked too
  3. Im getting this strange error when trying to run the game with the patches, and i dont know what it means nor what to do to fix it
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