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  1. I'm trying to clear player variables/timer when they leave the map. I need something like 'OnPCUnloadMapEvent'.
  2. what I'm trying to do is have 2 announcements on screen at once. first announcement on top, second is below the first announcement.
  3. Hello, I'm making a battle royale. I need the flooritem_life (for an item to disappear from the floor after it is dropped) to last much longer on my custom map. How can I do this?
  4. Hello i'm trying to create a dynamic shop where it changes it's shop list every 1hr. I'm using 'sellitem' to input items. How do I remove all the previous 'sellitems' if I want to sell another set of items.
  5. I need a looping script where it summons monsters in a CIRCULAR AREA based on my set center point & radius. The loop script must stop after completing the circle. Just the algorithm will suffice.
  6. How do I make the 'npctalk' script display only on the player attached to the NPC? Like a 'bc_self' flag
  7. I managed to solve my problem using this Thank you
  8. I tried this calldynamicnpc. But the problem with this is that only one player can use a dynamic NPC at a time. If one player called a dynamic NPC, a second player cannot call another dynamic NPC from the same source NPC like I expected. This cannot call multiple dynamic NPC's from one source. Thus making it work just like a single NPC with 'cloakonnpc' and 'cloakoffnpc'. What I need is: - an NPC/mob that is exclusive to one player - and players can summon one simultaneously
  9. Is there a way to use the script 'cloakonnpc' & 'cloakoffnpc' on monsters? I'm trying to make a monster display only to a one player.
  10. Is there any way for an NPC to sell items with its refine & cards showing? I'm making a trading house.
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