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  1. Please look at this post over at the rAthena forums, it contains a link to the 2010-07-30 full client. However, not sure where the appropriate translated/working data folder can be obtained as another related post asking for 2010-07-30 data folders is unanswered.
  2. A 2020 Full Client would probably not work with a 2010 EXE without serious tweaking/messing with the files. You should ideally use a full client close to the EXE date (so something like a late-2010 or early/mid-2011 full client). Full clients older than 2010 will not work with that EXE as there was a change in the way client side data was stored (shift to LUA had started, although I don't think it was fully on LUA yet)
  3. Full client means you get an installation package that will contain all files needed for the game, including the patcher, game client EXE, BGM, DLLs, GRF (game assets) and other files. The EXEs you see on the NEMO site are just the game client, they cannot be used standalone. It would be best if you pick a full client package close to your intended EXE date and then patch it appropriately. Patching to latest might not always work with an older EXE.
  4. Hey folks, old time player from inRO Beta/EP2 (pre-Comodo) days looking for that nostalgia fix with a casual twist... want to setup a local server for myself and a few friends to play casually, the old on-again/off-again thing but with progress saved locally :) Currently stuck on the client side trying to get a clean copy of kRO+Sakray from the 2002-2004 era & "matching" hexed client (bypass patcher + read the data folder first). Most links on forums and such are dead, would be really helpful if someone could point me to known good links or a share copy from their archives. Thanks!
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