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  1. Defense Ratio Attack (I.E. Thanatos, IcePick, etc) will now only consider VIT based def, not hard defense.? give the formula softdef flag.idef ?100:(flag.pdef ? (int64)flag.pdef*(def1+vit_def) : (100-def1)), flag.idef2?100:(flag.pdef2? (int64)flag.pdef2*(def1+vit_def) : (100-def1)) formula ? if (vit_def > 100) vit_def = 100; ATK_RATE2( flag.idef ?100:(flag.pdef ? (int64)flag.pdef*(vit_def+def1) : (100-vit_def)), flag.idef2?100:(flag.pdef2? (int64)flag.pdef2*(vit_def+def1) : (100-vit_def)) ); ATK_ADD2( flag.idef ||flag.pdef ?0:-def1, flag.idef2||flag.pdef2?0:-def1
  2. -> Fixed Storm Gust skill cast bug to some dungeons ? -> Changed preserve skill from stalker to be undispellable ? -> Disable debuff of the soul link from Flying Side Kick. -> All MVP mobs are now equipped with items to have a better defence to all skills in-game, but normal attacks will remain the same -> Land Protector /GrandCross/ Desperado 2 seconds duration and can't be spammed.
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