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  1. Ive updated the packet version in hercules to match the date of whatever kRO installation im using. The crash always happens when I click to create a character. Ive tried tons of combinations of patches and clients and its the same result. As lots of these guides are so outdated, is it even possible to get the version hecules is last updated for ( 20221019 ) according to github. Nemo site doesnt have this version but ive tried various combos from there. Ive even made sure to have the dll file that the guard thing needs when disabled. The errors are stakc traces so i dont assume they are any help in figuring it out. My thoughts is there is missing things in the grf data file, which doesnt make sense because the only thing ive addedd to it is clientinfo. Ive tried so many different kRO installs that I am very sad. Any suggestions since most this information is very old and so many links are dead?
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