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  1. Hello. Sorry if this in wrong topic but while going through source I noticed Demon Bane uses formula stated in ragnarok zero wiki, while Divine Protection uses formula as stated in RMS. Which seems sort of inconsistent since both formulas are different depending on where you look. Demon Bane in source damage += (int)(skill_lv*(3+sd->status.base_level/20.0)); Demon Bane from wiki: Flat Skill Bonus + (SkillLV * (BaseLV / 20 )) vs RMS: (3*SkillLV)+[0.05*(BaseLV + 1) and Divine Protection in source vit_def += i*(int)(3 +(tsd->status.base_level+1)*0.04); Divine Protection from wiki: Flat DEF bonus + (SkillLV * (BaseLV / 20 )) vs RMS: (3*SkillLV)+[0.04*(BaseLV + 1)
  2. Hello. Can someone please tell me how you can remove damage split from venom splasher skill?
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