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  1. I assume rathena already has these quests set up. You could in theory add them to hercules and debug, but those jobs are not supported yet, so the scripts will not work until the 4th job EAJs are added.
  2. Hello, I recently brought this up in the discord so I figured I would share my findings here. For clans to work with a guild, you have to remove, or in my case comment out, all four guild checks in the clans.txt // if (strcharinfo(PC_GUILD) != "") { // mes("Did you finish things up with your old guild?"); // close(); // } if (getcharid(CHAR_ID_CLAN)) { mes("Eh, you're already in a clan. Hey, this isn't funny."); close(); } and the clans.c file: // Already joined a guild or clan /* if (sd->status.guild_id > 0 || sd->guild != NULL) { ShowError("clan_join: Player already joined in a guild. char_id: %d\n", sd->status.char_id); return false; } else */ if ( sd->status.clan_id > 0 || sd->clan != NULL) { ShowError("clan_join: Player already joined in a clan. char_id: %d\n", sd->status.char_id); return false; } in order for both to work together, I haven't seen any side effects from this. This works on both renewal and pre-renewal, just make sure you recompile.
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