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  1. Hello all and thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide. I have setup a server using the 202306140 version of Hercules. The server loads with no errors and I am able to connect and play with a diffed exe with version date 20190605. I obtained this exe from the below prior post. I have used this exe in multiple client versions; the one that is provided by the link and a separate 2020 kRO client version. In both cases I have modified some of the basic lua/lub files and set my clientinfo.xml file and confirmed that everything worked with no errors. I attempted to diff my own .exe with my preferred settings using Nemo and downloading the same exe version from the Nemo site. Applying the recommended settings, as well as many other combinations did not produce a working exe. The exe would load, connect to the login server, and then after entering my login info, the client would hang and eventually fail to connect to the char server. I tried several other versions of the exe (2018, other 2019's, 2020, and 2022) with identical results. For each different date version of the exe, I did update my server's packetver and recompiled without issue. I can only conclude that something is *off* in how I am diffing the exe. I've looked through the forums and guides and I haven't come across a similar problem. Is there some trick with using Nemo to get a client to connect to the 2023 versions of the hercules emulator? Appreciate any help on getting through this step.
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