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  1. Thank you for your answer. 1. Yes I am using Hercules, you are right, I thougt I had to change on job_exp because of a tutorial from here I was following that it was for Hercules. but now I understand that I have to change exp_group_db.conf. 2. The error happend in any level actualy, where HP and SP are both 1/1. That happend after I edited the job_exp, But, following what you said with exp_group_db and leaving job_exp uneditted, it seems that worked well. Thank you so much.
  2. Hello guys! I searched through the forum but could not find this information anywhere. I am trying to adjust max level to 255. I am on Hercules Renewal version Changed mmo.h to maxlevel 255 Changed player.conf to stats max 255 Changed client.conf to max level 255 After changing everything I recompile and I checked on visual studio and it is correctly applied. But when I paste one code I found for job_exp.conf. I still can not go over level 99 and HP and SP goes to max 1 and skill goes to 0. Attached image shows when I do not edit the job_exp.conf. Even after changing everything. I can not go over level 99. It is clear to me that it is related to job_exp.conf as that when I get back to original, I can see my HP, SP and skills. I can already increase stats over 99, just level I am stuck and can not go over. If anyone can give me a light on this? Thank you so much
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