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  1. Hello evryone, Is anyone know what kind of vs should i download to compile old vrrsion of rathena server side? I use 2019vs bit alot of error when i compile,someone says it need centos 6 to compile and run that old server properly, did the centos 6 still can download at this moment and where? Please helppppppp
  2. Hello sir/maam Any body how to make it compile sucess? I use vs2019 and its work fine when i compile my 2019 rathena server but i have another old rathena emulator which is old one i wanna run it and compile ,but the error was popup when i compile rathena-10.sln,. Heres the error
  3. Hello everyone, can everybody know what ragnaexe now that can support all classes and jobs? And also nemo patcher that fit on it to diff that client? Please can i request if everybody have it? I use rathena renewal server
  4. Mga boss,good day to all,. Mga boss paturo sana ako mga boss kung paano ko ilagay yung mga aura ko sa RO ko mga aura na nadownload ko sa aura compilation mga boss, nagbasa na po ako ng mga guide kung paano ko ilagay sa server side at s client side na edit ko na po Src/map/script_constant.h Src/map/scipt.h Grf/data/tesxture/effect Grf/hateffect/hateffect.lub Gagawin ko sana po hateffect yung aura po pra ilagay ko sa custom garment para mkapag palit2 ng aura gamit yung garment na edit ko na din po yung custom garment itemdb script pero wla pa rin po mali po yata,patulong naman po ako sa tamang guide mga kabayan kung paano ko gagawin ng tama hirap n po tlga ako,tsala marami n po ako topic tungkol dito kaso wala po mga nagcocomment,.plsss po mga kabayan patulong nmn po
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