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  1. Finally solved. For future readers/searchers that have gone through the agony like me, I'll start from the beginning. Get your basic stuff done, diffing(change headgear view ID) the client with nemo patcher, for me I simply downloaded the latest available hercules version on discord(pre). Install GRF Editor, included in the hercules files. Get your notepad++ for editing files. Square away your images(bmp, spr, act) files in the data.grf(grf editor). Once you have completed placing all necessary images (texture->item,collection; sprite->¾ item-drag, ¾ accessories->male/female. Go to luafiles514/lua files/datainfo click accessoryid.lub on the right, click on save as->save as type: Lua Files. Do the same thing for accname.lub. Go to your RO folder, the one where the game runs(ragnarok.exe_patched) data->luafiles514->lua files->datainfo and edit the accessoryid.lub and accname.lub. Just simply follow the syntax with its previous listing. Before, I was editing the accid/accname inside the GRF and it was ignoring all the changes I made. Only now that I extracted it in the actual RO folder that it finally worked. I also enabled the read the data folder first just in case. Anyways good luck to everyone's future endeavors. *If not for the game suddenly registering the bmp(I deleted the bmp in GRF) inside my data folder I wouldn't have discovered that the actual folder works. After all every single tutorial I've ever seen is all about data.grf editing.
  2. I can use the sprites that are preinstalled in the accessoryId.lub from ID 1-2211, but everything else that I add to it get's ignored. Even the fallenangelwingear that is already in the grf sprite gets ignored. Whatever I add from ID 2212-32000 get's ignored like it exist in the ether. I'm on pre-renewal.
  3. Like I said I hijacked the 1991 viewID because like timokha said apparently its not going to show above 2000 without diffing the client. I hijacked 1991 changed everything form grfs/luafiles514/luafiles/datainfo/ three stooges; accessoryid.lub,accname.lub,accname_eng.lub accessoryid.lub changed the nut_cracker = 1991 to angel_wings = 1991 Iteminfo_EN.lua (item desc clientside), Item_db.conf. viewsprite = 1991 Yet somehow the headgear that shows is the original nut_cracker >.> So I studied the nemo and diff the client and what do you know, didn't work xD Still not showing the sprite of my headgear. Also, as long as the aegisname matched the sprite filename viewsprite can wholly be ignored, it should automatically acquire those. Like how icons and drag items image works. I didn't specifically input anything for /drag/item/collection yet somehow just by matching the file name to identifiedresourcename: in the system/iteminfo_en.lua it automatically used its drag/item/collection icon. It's just this sprite/¾Ç¼¼»ç¸® folder that get's ignored xD. As of now, I tried various things, tried to edit the spr image and save then re-placed it in the data/sprte/¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/ still nothing. Just look at the images I've been uploading, as soon as I diffed the client it should have worked instantly. My headgears are only at 3000-3008. Showing that it didn't means there's something else going on. Unfortunately, I haven't discovered that something else. Hope someone else downloads the latest hercules build in discord and try out making new headgears.
  4. I did, I used nemo and got it all patched up to 5000 and it still didn't show. As in downloaded a fresh ragnaexe.exe opened it in nemo, apply recommended, change add headwear ID from 2000 to 5000. Apply selected, copied the new patched ragexe.exe to my kro. That's just it though, I change the view ID for nut_cracker with my own. Yet, it showed the nut_cracker still as if even if I changed the value in the accessoryid.lub with grf editor it didn't do a thing.
  5. Script: <" if(BaseLevel<80) { bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,10; bonus2 bDropAddRace,RC_All,10; } if(BaseLevel>80) { bonus bMaxHP,200; bonus bMaxSP,80; } "> Just add this to your desired equipment in item_db.conf
  6. Nope, increased my headgear id to 5000 and still nothing. The icon, drop, item view all works except the very equip sprite themselves. Tried the c_fallenangelwingear that is already on the game's grf data. Even this one doesn't show when equipped.
  7. Intriguing, since the guy said I had to patch it first to increase the limit. I tried instead to hijack something else as a viewsprite to check how things go. I deleted 1991-1999 with my own sprites, check the old ones and deleted it. Yet somehow these happened instead. xD
  8. It says patched already, do I have to search once again for another tutorial. A tutorial that once again out of date. xD
  9. Everything, from the 3000-3008. Been quadchecking all info, tried all kinds of different things. Some made errors so there's that. Figured out how things work, but this I'm stump. My only suspicion now is with the spr files itself. I'll try the built in image editor in the grf itself later.
  10. Need new set of eyes. I've been staring at these files for close to 6 hours and still can't figure out what's wrong with it. No errors, I can wear it and it gives the correct stats, only its not appearing on character. Hope someone find something amiss. Thanks
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