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  1. What's up guys!! Guys, I've tried everything, I've done everything, I've changed the formula and the delay, I've changed everything I need to change... I have this bug in my emulator. The hidden impact comes out twice, it doesn't always happen but it is something that really unbalances. Remembering that when both come out at the same time it also consumes both spheres, so everything indicates that it is not in the skill_db formula. Another ability that has the same thing happening is the priest's Holylight, coming out with 2 hits as well. Has anyone experienced this problem? If anyone could give me a tip on how to fix it I would be very grateful! Thank you very much in advance. Skillcast: 266,1000,500,0,0,0,0 skilldb: 266,2,6,1,0,0x40,0,5,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0, MO_INVESTIGATE,Occult Impaction
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    How are you, my friends? This is my first post on the forum.. I haven't tried new emulators for a long time. Since a lot has changed, I decided to go back to using my super old emulator HAHA and I wanted to ask for your help. my party vs party script worked perfectly years ago.. now I decided to put my server online and do some tests, I'm having this problem. When the two parties register for the first time, everything goes very well. everyone is teleported When the game ends they register again, only the leaders of each party enter.. and I'm having this error when the first game ends [Erro]: script_rid2sd: erro fatal! no associated players! [Depurar]: Function: getcharid (1 parametro): [Depurar]: Dado: number value=1 [Depurar]: Source (NPC): 3 vs 3 Party on arena_room (105,93) I have all the necessary modifications in the src. Thank you in advance for any help.
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