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  1. KirieZ, your reply is amazing. Not only does this help me better understand the interactions between the server and client, but it really helps me understand Hercules a bit more as a whole. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into this response. I can't thank you enough! That said, I have one last question- Is there any chance Hercules has something like a roadmap available for viewing? While the changelogs are a great help in understanding what content is released in recent builds, viewing a roadmap would really help in understanding the current and future planned content. Is there anything like this available? Regards, Geras
  2. Hello, I have a quick question that's probably simplistic to ask, but complicated to answer. How does one understand what in-game features are available to their server setup? I hate to use the classic example, since it's probably like beating a dead horse, but let's use 4th jobs as an example. My server setup is: Base client: kRO 2023 08 04 Client exe: 2022-04-06_Ragexe_1648707856 Hercules: v2024.03 With 4th classes being released in kRO around 2020, my instinct would be to assume that all of these versions allow for them to be present in the game. However, I don't know this for sure and posts appear to indicate otherwise. What part of the server determines what content is available to the players? While the content may be present in the base client, does Hercules need to implement the content as well, or do we simply gain access to features based on what version of the client we place Hercules on? Apologies, since this definitely indicates a misunderstanding of how Hercules fundamentally works on my part, but I'd really like to fix this by better understanding how these components work together. I'm not finding any immediate answer to the question, so I figured I'd ask here. If anyone has any documentation or a location to read up on this, I'm happy to take this in place of an answer- I'm just not having any luck finding something like this even after successfully establishing my server. Any help would be appreciated! Regards, Geras
  3. Hello, From what I understand, the inventory has a limit of 100 different items. Is there any way to remove this limit or increase it? Any search on this topic doesn't seem to yield any details, so any help would be appreciated! Regards, Geras
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