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  1. DMCA modify the game client content upto 15% and its yours
  2. i got a problem on 2013-23-12.exe it keeps on opening the blue setup window i already tried to download the setup that you gave here but still got the same problem NVM i got it fixed thanks anyways
  3. Thanks for the reply problem solved
  4. thanks for the reply for example i want to add points on it what would be my values? on the querry? INSERT INTO `ragnarok`.`global_reg_value` ( `char_id` , `str` , `value` , `type` , `account_id` ) VALUES ( '???', '???S', '???', '?', ?' );
  5. i was referring to the FreeCash and CashPoints on the cash shop menu where i could find them on the database i mean on the sql
  6. im just new here i want to know where to find on the database the points for each account on cash shop thanks
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