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  1. I would like to know the following I wanted to make a server at home without investing in hosting. Then I installed the no-ip and I removed the ports on the router, but when I open the hexed it does not connect to my server. My ip is Dynamic, I route an internet from someone else to my home. Do you have any help or tips for me? Note: The clientinfo.xml has no-ip ip. Thanks
  2. Para se conectar no hamachi. Seus amigos devem estar no mesmo grupo. Limite hamachi se não me engano é 1/5. Até 5 pessoas podem logar no seu servidor.
  3. I want to see the query UniqueID that is jogadoresid, and applies the Redlist table in the UniqueID .... This npc works only with ip ... More'm trying to upgrade it to work for mac too.
  4. the internalguard automatic gets the MAC, I want to do the script read the MAC and record the Redlist for limit 1 UniqueID
  5. No thank you very much. just want an idea of how to solve it.
  6. Hello everybody, I'm here needing a help you I'm trying to put this script to limit the item just for a UniqueID... My SQL UniqueID My SQL RedList My Npc My error? My Table mac -->
  7. Hello buddies someone would provide me "data" compatible with the / 2011 / 2011-10-25aRagexeRE. I thank you.
  8. Puts o outro era menor esse veio pra acabar com a paciencia.
  9. Alguem me indica um compilador leve porque o visual studio 2013 é 10 gb e n dar parar baixarr assim n :'(
  10. PrntScrn

    Download Grf

    Alguem me passa o link para download do Kro.
  11. Não amigo isso seria a percentagem do drops pela caixa
  12. Estou com esse script más tem hora que ele dar 2 hats e eu quero q ele só de 1 apenas function script Aleatorio Hats { setarray .BoxItems[0],5389,5125,5132,5486,5338,5129,5183,5431; setarray .BoxItems2[0],5788,5490,5480,5827,5410,5283; set .Random, 5; set .Random2, 10; getitem .BoxItems[ rand( .Random ) ], 1; getitem .BoxItems2[ rand( .Random2 ) ], 1; end;} set .Random, 5; = 5% Percentagem
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