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  1. nelax

    War of Nations

    Well guys needed it a weekly automatic event that works as follows: - Every Friday at 22: 00hs Event Starts - You can only enter the two clans configured via guild_id. - On the map in each corner will be the base of Guilds participants - After the event early announcement, the gateway to the nation map closes. - Within the Nation map after closed event announcement, the war or if the GVG will initiate in five minutes. - Each base will have a emperium which the opposing nation will have to break and damage that emperium will be "1". - When a person dies it will have the spawn near its base or inside it. - The Nation that break the Emperium first automatically received one Pack Nation and Nation 100 points. - When a person dies it will have the spawn near its base or inside it. - NPC Nation Manager to exchange points for items. It's a cool event that will shake the server who can help me, since I'm already grateful!
  2. I wonder how do I show the name of who breaks the emperium in woe
  3. nelax

    Help Reflection

    Good day, I wonder how do the following. High Wizard receives only link SL and an item called Stone reflection when someone attacks of Maya Card damage not turn pro magician at the cost of Stone Reflection.
  4. Good night guys, here I was messing with my server I came across the following error when trying to compare the items below the image... would like to know how to solve it. Grateful already
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